USC IML 140 Final Project

  1. Describe your Business Idea.  Be sure to include:
  • The Pain
  • The Product/Service
  • Target Customer  

The Pain: Current Twin XL sized bedding is PLAIN, BORING, HARD TO FIND, AND POOR QUALITY. College students have little to no variety when searching for the Twin XL sized bedding required for their dorm mattresses.  Thread count quality is low, typically <150. College aged demographic is searching for bedding that will reflect their identities/individual personalities, especially since they are all looking to create their “dream dorm room” as purported by the stigmas typically associated with going off to college/starting the new chapter in their life journey.

The Product: Quality Twin XL bedding with original designs catering to the eclectic/unique college individual.

Target Customer: College age students who are looking to personalize their dorm rooms and who view style, design, and their bed as an integral vehicle of self-expression.

  1. Describe the Purpose of the commercial and the target Audience.

The overarching content/voice of my commercial will be essentially like a college student talking to another college student. I want to effuse how college is fun, exciting, a time to work play hard, and to embrace the fact that sleeping is non-existent in college–in fact, sleeping is for wimps. (A plethora of pictures featuring college partying and late night drunchie relay this message fine). But when college students finally do decide that they can’t take it anymore and they need to rest, they need to rest on a bed covered in Dorm Deco Twin XL Bedding. The Dorm Deco Bedding is a sign of college life and a freshman’s right of passage (this is a “lifestyle brand”). 18-21 is one of life’s largest milestones and transition periods where people grow into themselves, become more independent, and where they ultimately seek to define their identity. I always find it fun to go to my friends’ apartments/dorm rooms and see how their personality resonates in so many different aspects in their living space–pictures, posters, colors, furniture arrangements, decor!! Everything attests to one’s character and I want Dorm Deco Twin XL to be a part of this milestone point where personification is so critical to a customer.

So my commercial concept is more crazy and quite honestly, borderline lame, but I think it’ll at least be a fun video and commercial that a college aged person would pay attention to. The electro music is also very demographic specific and representative of the 21st century 18-21 year old lifestyle!




USC IML 140 HW6–Commercial

USC IML homework#6
  1. The purpose of your commercial.  Example items that you may want to achieve in your commercial.
    1. My bedding will help create the “home away from home” feeling for dormroom/apartment living. It will also facilitate individuality, uniqueness, style, comfort, and unparalleled quality
    2. For those who want high quality, stylish bedding and for those who want their rooms to truly speak true to their personalities
    3. uniqueness, variety and quality
    4. Because stores such as Target and Walmart already have a low end/ “affordable” product out their for Twin XL sheets, my target/niche will be the premium line
  2. Rough idea of 60 second commercial outline:
  • show faces of lots of different college age kids in a collage that fills entire screen (this will emphasize how there are many different personalities, interests, and tastes but they will all eventually find what they want from a california comfort design)
  • different voices will be speaking “I’m from _____”… “from_____” for a few seconds and then it will transition to “900miles from home”…”550 miles from home”…”across the world from home”–>the effect I want to have is that these kids from all over are going to be going to college all over, and although they will be going far from their homes the bedding is going to give them a sense of comfort (that’s home away from home vibe I am attempting to create for my brand)

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ROASTED COCONUT SEA SALT BROCCOLI+Chinatown Firecracker 10K Venture

Ahh so only one more week until spring break! Chugging through this last week of midterms…aka crunch time studying for Corporate Finance! Bond Valuation, Stock Valuation, and that ever pesky Net Present Value equation is taking over my brain!! But alas it shall be over in due time..patience Court, patience 🙂

Anyways I wanted to share some pictures from the Chinatown Firecracker 10K event held a few weeks ago in February–can you believe it’s been going on for over 30 years?! It’s such a wonderful event full of live performers all day, tons of free food and products galore! Plus an exciting run in a great part of Downtown LA, what could get sweeter? Hmm….MAYBE the Asian Shave Ice and Chocolate covered bananas my classmates and I were selling to raise money for charity? I’m currently in the midst of completing my Business Admin. Emphasis in Entrepreneurship, and we were $50 seed money by our professor to start a business venture. The team who has the biggest return on investment wins! (all proceeds donated to NFTE, the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship) My team and I did not foresee any moneymaking potential on the USC campus over that weekend, so we decided to take our venture outside the campus bubble. Here is a little slideshow of some pictures from our hot and sweaty day! ENded up profiting about $200…not as high as we expected…darn you free food and complimentary beer garden!! 😉

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I was originally intending on running the Firecracker event before the class challenge was assigned to us. Here’s a pic of me all jazzed up and absolutely LOVINGGGG my Nike Free TR Twists! #makeitcount al day everyday! I think I blogged about them already, but I honestly just cannot get enough of them. The flexible diamond grooves in the footsoles really make a difference when it comes to my lateral movements.

so comfortable!

Here’s a picture of another new obsession of mine….BROCCOLI ROASTED WITH COCONUT OIL AND SPRINKLED WITH SEA SALT! Holy mother this tastes AMAZING! And it’s so easy! Just wash broccoli crowns (which I got for a sweet deal of 49 cents per lb…yes, I pounced on this!) and chop them up into florets. Take a spoon and scoop out some coconut oil, hold it over the stovetop flame to melt, and then pour it all over your florets that have been spread on a foil sheet. quickly sprinkle with sea salt (finely ground) and toss. Pop that into the oven at 425 degrees for maybe 15 minutes and ou’ve got ourself some absolutely phenomenal broccoli!

Alright I should get back to studying for my Finance midterm! Good luck to every other college student studying for midterms 🙂 WE CAN DO THIS!