Honestly, I’m at a point in my life where EVERYTHING is going so well that it is unreal. I.LOVE.LIFE.

First step to anything is pursuing what you love, not what other people think you should love. And doing what you think you do best, and not what others think you do the best.

I have been meeting the most incredible people these past few weeks and it is just the best feeling in the world to experience, firsthand, the power of networking, friendships, and fate. 🙂

A couple of updates: I just found out that I got extended an offer to intern with IMG Worldwide for the Nike US Open of Surfing!? SO EXCITED! Anddd just finished the Nike SHe Runs LA 10K this past weekend and had a blast…below are some pics and videos of the experience being on the She Runs LA Crew!  Worked with a stylist, video crew, photographer, Nike, Optimist, and OBE. I am being completely honest when I say that when I reflect upon the entire Crew experience, the most important/valuable thing to is the amount of relationships I built and that I hope to further develop over these next few years.  I mean getting free Nike gear is cool simply because that’s all I wear on a typical day hahaha; however, that’s not really what is going to help me discover who I am as a person, what I want out of my career–and what career path I even want to pursue for that matter! But all in all there is so much that I am feeling, and too much that I cannot even begin to express in words. It would literally take a week of straight typing and then some (also might get a little mushy and philosophical and seemingly insincere, which I would hate for it to be misconstrued as since I truly truly do feel this emphatic about everything that I would say).

Now on to the Color Run down in Irvine this Sunday; should be an incredible first time experience as well! 5:30 today is the Nike Fuel Duel at USC!! WOO!!! Can’t wait to #makeeverymovecount 🙂





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