USC IML Homework 8

  1. Any updates to the Purpose of your commercial.
  2. I have completely changed the look and feel of both my logo and my commercial. I think that since I am targeting a college age demographic, my marketing, logo, and overall “brand” must be geared towards a more youthful taste. This means bright, bold, and neon but definitely still a retention of class. THink any type of trendy company right now such as Nike who utilizes bold statements and visuals to engross the college age demographic–often times tricking them into thinking that they NEED the product when it’s really just a luxury haha I admit I fall for it so that is why I know it works!! NIke produces high quality product and it shows in the sophisticated brand management they have refined and maintained. That is the type of voice I will need to have resonate throughout my commercial and any future branding if I want to have a chance of students being interested in purchasing my bedding product.
Here is my new logo for Dorm Deco Twin XL!! Inspiration? I just love the samoan/hawaiian look. tomboyish, sporty, and something that I think would jsut make a cool logo for college targeted bedding hah
  1. Any updates to your Content outline.

I also changed the name to be Dorm Deco Twin XL–it rolls off the tongue better. The overarching content/voice of my commercial will be essentially like a college student talking to another college student. I want to effuse how college is fun, exciting, a time to work play hard, yadadayada and to embrace the fact that sleeping is non-existent in college–in fact, sleeping is for wimps. (A plethora of pictures featuring college partying and late night drunchie runs should relay this message fine). But when college students finally do decide that they can’t take it anymore and they need to rest, they need to rest on a bed covered in Dorm Deco Twin XL Bedding. The Dorm Deco Bedding is a sign of college life and a freshman’s right of passage (this is a “lifestyle”). This change in content/concept is more crazy and quite honestly, borderline lame, but I think it’ll at least be a fun video and commercial that a college aged person would pay attention to.


There will be techno/electro music playing in the background. In between the slides will be all of the college pictures/food drunchie pictures as mentioned above. Those will be added in during imovie.


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