USC IML 140 HW6–Commercial

USC IML homework#6
  1. The purpose of your commercial.  Example items that you may want to achieve in your commercial.
    1. My bedding will help create the “home away from home” feeling for dormroom/apartment living. It will also facilitate individuality, uniqueness, style, comfort, and unparalleled quality
    2. For those who want high quality, stylish bedding and for those who want their rooms to truly speak true to their personalities
    3. uniqueness, variety and quality
    4. Because stores such as Target and Walmart already have a low end/ “affordable” product out their for Twin XL sheets, my target/niche will be the premium line
  2. Rough idea of 60 second commercial outline:
  • show faces of lots of different college age kids in a collage that fills entire screen (this will emphasize how there are many different personalities, interests, and tastes but they will all eventually find what they want from a california comfort design)
  • different voices will be speaking “I’m from _____”… “from_____” for a few seconds and then it will transition to “900miles from home”…”550 miles from home”…”across the world from home”–>the effect I want to have is that these kids from all over are going to be going to college all over, and although they will be going far from their homes the bedding is going to give them a sense of comfort (that’s home away from home vibe I am attempting to create for my brand)

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