Can I Pintrest Anyone in Nike or my Fun/Terror Induced 4 mile Run!?

Hey everyone so I guess the latest craze is Pintrest now? I honestly cannot even keep up with this social media evolution!! haha but I just recently signed up for it, and it’s actually quite fun! Just virtual scrapbooking and a new way for people to get an idea of who you are, what you like, etc.

Follow me on Pintrest and I would love to get to know some interesting people as well! My url is

Tonight I went out to Hollywood to the Montalban Theatre (a venue owned and run by Nike) to participate in a contest to find the next Nike “Runway Crew”! Such an exciting opportunity where the 8 selected will receive products, a stylist, photo session, and vip treatment during the She Runs LA 10K that I’ve been spreading the word about. I’m crossing my fingers that I am considered for it!! We had to show up at the Montalban dressed in “our flyest Nike gear” lol and so this is what I wore!!Image

I know it’s not the flyest but it’s currently my cleanest. Hahaha that fact, along with that I think my whey protein shake from earlier today left me a leetttlleee bit bloated!? o_O so I would have worn this reallyyy cute new neon orange and cobalt blue fitted running tank I got at the Nike Factory Store this past Friday in Miami, FL but did not feel sexy in it at all HAH! I actually recently developed a lactose intolerance. It may be because I was never a fan of cheese so I stay away from it, and also because I stopped drinking milk years ago when I realized that my mom was “lying” to me everyday saying that the more milk I drink the taller I will become -_- I currently stand 5’2 1/2 thank you very much, Motha dearest!  My body isn’t used to breaking down lactose anymore. Plus lactose intolerance is in my family history, so that is actually the more plausible cause haha. Anyways so long story short, I must now look into Whey Isolate for protein powder since it does not contain lactose–anyone have suggestions?? I love love love a great chocolate one! I have noticed that when companies start trying to work miracles with flavors it ends up tasting very chemically and just off. A couple of brands I came up with during my brief research are…Zero Carb Isopure and Ultimate Nutrition Iso-Sensation 93. I just really despise how expensive supplements and protein powders are! I actually prefer getting my protein via whole food sources. But again, any advice is welcomed:)

For those who want to learn more here is the flyer for the Nike Runway Crew Contest I was mentioning for the She Runs LA 10K:Image

PRETTYYYYY sick right???

I actually had a lot of fun getting both to and from this event tonight. As many of us are highly aware of (via firsthand experience, ugh) gas prices are THROUGHHH THE ROOFF right now, and I knew that trying to get to the heart of Hollywood by car at 6:30pm would be a hugeeee no no. So I took public transportation! It was the easiest, fastest, and simplest thing to ever do–I just hopped on the Metro Red Line after taking a metro bus from USC up to MacArthur Park (which is so beautiful and eclectic/buzzing with culture). This took me almost directly to Montalban from the Hollywood Blvd/Vine station. PERFECTTTT!! I used to not want to go to the Thursday night Montalban Nike Training Club Workouts because I thought that it would be too far. But knowing this route now makes it an ~45 min MAX of pain free–traffic free–travelling! Now I’m really just waiting for the purple line extensions to go through to UCLA and Westwood! And also for that darned Exposition line to open up so that I can take the metrorail from USC all the way back to my home in Arcadia 😛 So for anyone who is unaware of THursday night Nike Training Club at the Monty or thought it a long lost cause, FIND A WAY TO GET TO THE RED LINE AND YOU ARE GOOD TO GO.  I ended up running a total of 4 miles tonight just because it was fun to run along Hollywood blvd between the Metro Stations, and I ran from the Hollywood/Westlake station at MacArthur Lake back to my apt at USC because I was too scared to wait by myself in the dark in the middle of downtown for a bus to come take me to campus =/. But like I said, good experience and I love love love running in LA!

Here is a flyer so you know the basic deets on Nike Training Club at the Montalban, Thursday nights at 7pm. Fun fact: the workout is ON THE ROOFTOP!! And it is led by a world class trainer, Ryan Lauderdale–a great guy and a tough trainer who will make you want to cry 😉Image

Off to do some Macroeconomics reading–gotta push myself super hard to get through the density of it all! Goodnight everybody and I TURN 21 IN AN HOUR AND 49 MINUTES FROM NOW!! WOOOO!!!


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