The Pitch–California Comfort, Twin XL Bedding Collection

There’s no question that California Comfort provides quality product. The main objective we have here at the corporate level is to answer the questions: Who are we as a brand? What is our proprietary blend– our “secret sauce,” that keeps production high & customers crying for more? We are founded by So Cal natives, born & raised…and we value sleep. Many underestimate the power of rest and the positive correlation it has with performance. Students have asked, and now they shall receive: variety, quality, and stylish Twin XL sized bedding.

The inspiration and conceptualizing the brand image and logo:

Our name and its aesthetic representation in our logo immediately connotes freshness, cleanliness, crispness, and luxury. The earthtones reflect a beachy and very cali-surf style vibe that many seek. I looked to beach houses for color theme and font style inspiration because I love the feeling I get when I see clean, bright, white cotton! Decreased opacity and white livens the image; the script-style screams natural classiness, and the simplicity of the “twin XL bedding collection” tones down an otherwise ritzy air. “Clean lines, fresh, comfortable, and inspired” are words that describe us best. We aim to provide top of the line Egyptian Cotton, and our bedding choices with designs on them are created by local artists and influential surfers who inspire and embody  the “Cali-lifestyle.” Our logo’s neutral tones and soft look illustrate that owning our collection will create that desirable, laidback aura for any dorm room.

Notice the influences my current logo has from combining script and serif fonts; I love the artistic clash of feminine and bold! Nicole Scherzinger’s photo spoke to me because of the beige neutral colors and beach setting. It’s gorgeous and so reminiscent of a West Coast beachbabe! The intertwined script/sans-serif font is also to convey a unisex collection–the flower, as one peer pointed out may scare away male customers for fear that it is for females only. I also received feedback that incorporating black and darker colors in combination with a earth-tone “twin xl” font “[would] not take away from the TWIN XL.” Additionally, prior to choosing “California Comfort, Twin XL Bedding Collection,” notice that the name was much more vague and did not include bedding. A comment I received is that potential customers may not know that it is bedding without an explicit mention. Inclusion of “bedding collection” does add a sophisticated air, and since we are a premium cotton brand it is likely a change for the better.

California Comfort has a cultural context behind its designs that will appeal to many, particularly those who are willing to pay a higher price than they would buying a much lesser quality product from convenience chains such as Target and Walmart.  As mentioned, the quality of one’s rest is more valuable than we tend to estimate. Embrace the sun, the warn, the clean…embrace freshness and comfort, and above all embrace quality…long live the West Coast way of life!

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