New Company Name and a Revised Logo


I toyed with some new logo ideas and came up with these renditions. What do you think? I think that I like the version with the white background with the more orange-ish beige flower. I want my logo to evoke a fresh, clean, classic look—-like a pile of just out of the washing machine white bedsheets that you want to jump into!! Do you get that connotation from any of these?

I changed the name to twinxl inspired bedding company because I feel that my designs are inspired BY the college the student, FOR the student. the designs I want to carry in my collection will either be my own original or designs by other peers who will create the bedding that they would have wanted. Another reason why I chose “inspired” is because this entire concept was inspired by my first hand experience with this pain of not being able to find good looking, good quality bed sheets. I put bedding company in there because someone in class suggested that people may not know what the company is just by the name “twinxl inspired” do you agree with the addition or should I jut leave it as “twinxl inspired”?

Also, does the flower make the logo look too feminine and deter boys from wanting to purchase? My inventory will have male selections and I do not want people getting the idea that it is a girls only collection.



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