SOOO PUMPED FOR THE NIKE SHE RUNS LA 10K ON APRIL 14, 2012!! AWESOME 80’s theme, a huge entertainment/product filled expo, a party, and a run through historic Melrose and Paramount Studios Film Lot?? yessssss! Register now, and train with me if you’re a local Los Angeles Gal/Guy–that’s right, I said GUY. I know it says “she runs” but it’s an event TOTALLY open to males as well ūüôā If your man needs more convincing, just tell him to think about the odds ūüėČ

If you want to train with me I’ve created a facebook group¬†A brief explanation of what that fb group is: I envision¬†creating a community of people (who have registered using my code) who¬†support eachother 2/7 through the training with diet, fitness, and¬†running advice. It’s very similar to FitFluential in that I hope for¬†it to be a place for discussion and overall passion for getting¬†ourselves active and healthy! It’s definitely tough for us during¬†college to stay fit when school gets in the way, and I hope that¬†signing up for the 10K and training with me will be that little nudge
to change. I’ll be keeping people informed with where I will be doing¬†the training runs (all over LA…wanna get to arcadia and pasadena
too!!)The group is also just another place to get people psyched about¬†the event!¬†I really feel that running should be seen as a¬†social/enjoyable event rather than a death sentence HAH so I don’t¬†mind putting in the extra effort.

USE THE CODE NIKE192 WHEN REGISTERING!!¬†Here is the link¬† IN YOUR BEST AND BRIGHTEST NEON!!! but please..spare our eyes from ¬†anything like LMFAO–Sexy and I Know It style….;) HAHAHA




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