Developing the Business

Possible names:

Twin XL 2

U My Twin XL

Adjectives: trendy, classic, high quality, affordable, reliable


A beautiful but simple logo that would work for a bedding-related company:



I really like the simplicity and clean look that this one gives. It seems fresh and something I would want my bedroom to have:

This is another rather attractive logo in my opinion:


Which logos do you like? which would go with my college twin xl bedding idea?


2 thoughts on “Developing the Business

  1. I like the second name best, just because of the frist part “U My” its gramatically incorrect and funny, and i will probably remember it in the future, yet, the second half i think could be improved, like maybe U + My Bedding (i know it may sound wrong but i think its more catchy). I think that the logos you choose really resonate with the characteristics that you choose for your company. I belive that the gathered logo may work best because it has that classic feel to it (cursive), but at the same time has this rugged/edgy feel to it (the contrast between old fashion ink cursive with modern typy (not sure if a word, probably not) style.

    • thanks mayra! i totally agree with gathered being a really cool one for my logo. haha so you’ll see my first draft logo is extremely similar to it. what do you think? I like how crisp and clean it looks when formatted this way

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