Let’s Straight Talk About Some Serious Sheet! Please read & help me out, I’d really appreciate it:)

Is my post title a typo? no.

Is it a poor attempt at a play on words? very likely.

Is it relevant? fortunately, yes.

My last post about a business idea was long and essentially followed my train of thought. So this one will be more concise, I SWEAR.

Business idea: A company that specializes in manufacturing and designing affordable, high quality,”cool” bedding for Twin XL size college mattresses.

Why? What is the PAIN I am solving?: The market for Twin XL bedding is very limited, leaving college students with a dismal amount of choices when it comes to dorm shopping for their first year of college. And many of my friends who purchased their Twin XL sheets from a certain “unnamed company,” they were displeased with the cheapness of the material.

I remember when I was a freshman trying to find “cute” bedding for the Twin XL mattress provided to me by the dormitory–it was a very futile search that resorted in me purchasing a bedding set meant for a “full sized” mattress. To paint a picture, my bed looked like it had a muffin top. But it was either that or purchasing a polka dotted or daisy crested nonsense right?

My Mission: No more muffin tops for any college go-er or unfortunate child who must grow up in the confines of an oddly dimensioned Twin XL bed!

QUESTIONS FOR YOU: Did you have the same pain when shopping for Twin XL bedding when you were going to college? DId you have issues with the quality of your purchased Twin XL bedding?

“It’s 6 am and you finally finish studying. You close your eyes for 5 minutes and it’s 7:45 when you open them. At school it’s 1:30pm, you close your eyes for 5 minutes and when you open it’s 1:31pm.”

–the thought of every single college student in the world.


4 thoughts on “Let’s Straight Talk About Some Serious Sheet! Please read & help me out, I’d really appreciate it:)

  1. I really enjoyed your first idea, i think that it would really help college entrepenuers (sorry if i misspell things…this is why my major has nothing to do with words lol), however, I think this would help many college students in a broader sense. I know as a freshman i too looked for a cute bedding but the ones that USC provided were too expensive and i also opted for a full size bedding, which i dont actually regret. I think to make this a really profitable company, you should be able to custimize the beddings. For instance, some people may move around alot and the covers (being so narrow) may fall off and the person may possible freeze to death, or its the middle of the California summer and we hit yet another heat breaking record and the covers are WAY to warm. Obviously the sheets themselves should be one size fits all (to perfection) but the bedding itself should give the buyer some liberty, I know if this was around my freshman year, I would have been one of the first to order.

    • hahahah i like how us CAlifornians would totally freeze to death in weather that people in the type of weather that east coasters or midwest folks would wear tshirt and shorts in =P thatnks for your input though! I, too, opted for the full size just because I figured i’d rather have it too large than too small. Great to know that the need is there

  2. This pain is so true. I remember, as an incoming freshman I had two basic option: opt for the USC bedding which was really expensive or get stuck with a Walmart brand that miraculously carried Twins XL. I really like this idea.

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