I don’t know why, but I just spent 3 hours creating this image! haha it didn’t feel like it though because it was actually really fun. It felt good to go back on old pics and to reflect upon the things that are the most important to me. Ever have one of those days? I’ve rcently gotten into looking at work created using Adobe Flash (no, not the adobe flash player we use to stream videos and play flash material on websites haha) and Adobe Photoshop–these people have incredible talent! One video in particular is sooo freakin cute I just kept pressing replay to watch the little doritos warriors hoot and holler. Here is the video for your viewing pleasure 🙂

HOW AWESOMMEEE WAS THAT!??? All created using an adobe program! I want to learn how to do this so badly because it’s a great skill to know and to learn-who knows when I will need to create one (future businesses). The animation artist is James Lee (youtube jameslee03) and the music is all done by Hania Lee. Can you believe people this brilliant exist out there? It’s so exciting!

Another one of his even more amazing short films

OKAY OKAY LAST ONE I PROMISE!!! But this toast and cloud video is SOO flippin cute and creative you cannot skip it!


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