Asian Markets are FUN! Galleria in Koreatown, Los Angeles

Mmmm there’s nothing that I love more than spending a beautiful, no classes-Friday at the Korean Galleria Market in Koreatown, Los Angeles 🙂 seaweed, cucumbers, and pickled daikon!! So delicious and refreshing!! Bought some baby bok choy for a steal and sweet potatoes–3 giant sweet potatoes be exact for only $.74!!! This is why I love ethnic markets, particularly Asian ones. They know us asians drive a hard bargain hehe or are sometimes, for lack of better word, cheap;) so the deals gotta be everywhere…or else we don’t buy!

Spicy Marinated Korean Cucumbers and Shredded Pickled Daikon Radish

In other news…haha I’m SO sore from taking two Nike training club bootcamp classes at USC the past couple of days! But its a good feeling and I’m happy to be making strides to a healthy, happy 2012. The other girls and 2 boys who have also been doing it are pushing so hard which is really quite motivating to see. It makes me want to go harder, and we all give each other the extra verbal shove to keep going. Nothin like a room full of sweaty people right?:)

Tonight I will be going to an event where I will be learning about how to be involved in the Nike influencers program–I’m so pumped! 🙂

I hope that everybody else enjoys this fabulous Friday! Have a safe holiday weekend.

Do you have many ethnic markets around you? What are your favorite things to buy at them?


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