Let’s Straight Talk About Some Serious Sheet! Please read & help me out, I’d really appreciate it:)

Is my post title a typo? no.

Is it a poor attempt at a play on words? very likely.

Is it relevant? fortunately, yes.

My last post about a business idea was long and essentially followed my train of thought. So this one will be more concise, I SWEAR.

Business idea: A company that specializes in manufacturing and designing affordable, high quality,”cool” bedding for Twin XL size college mattresses.

Why? What is the PAIN I am solving?: The market for Twin XL bedding is very limited, leaving college students with a dismal amount of choices when it comes to dorm shopping for their first year of college. And many of my friends who purchased their Twin XL sheets from a certain “unnamed company,” they were displeased with the cheapness of the material.

I remember when I was a freshman trying to find “cute” bedding for the Twin XL mattress provided to me by the dormitory–it was a very futile search that resorted in me purchasing a bedding set meant for a “full sized” mattress. To paint a picture, my bed looked like it had a muffin top. But it was either that or purchasing a polka dotted or daisy crested nonsense right?

My Mission: No more muffin tops for any college go-er or unfortunate child who must grow up in the confines of an oddly dimensioned Twin XL bed!

QUESTIONS FOR YOU: Did you have the same pain when shopping for Twin XL bedding when you were going to college? DId you have issues with the quality of your purchased Twin XL bedding?

“It’s 6 am and you finally finish studying. You close your eyes for 5 minutes and it’s 7:45 when you open them. At school it’s 1:30pm, you close your eyes for 5 minutes and when you open it’s 1:31pm.”

–the thought of every single college student in the world.


Please Give me Feedback on My New Venture to Help Entrepreneurs & Goal-Oriented Businessmen

Hey everyone! Happy Sunday:)

I am taking a class at the University of Southern California called IML 140: Digital Media for Business, and I have to come up with a business idea to grow and develop throughout the semester. I have a tonnn of ideas, but unfortunately, only a few are actually feasible/reasonable hah!

I have been thinking lately about how I go about accruing recognition/visibility for the company I currently work for, artecobags, and it’s really tough to get that starting fan base up! She’s got a great product, but with “how many facebook likes” or “how many twitter followers” being the new dictator of clout, things aren’t looking so hot for us! So that’s my problem…but how do I solve it? *stumped*

Well here’s where my thought comes in! Based upon the pure science of simple arithmetic (I’ve always wanted to use some hoity toity braniac lead-in like that), my facebook followers (let’s say 200) + your company’s facebook followers (et’s say 250) = 450 pairs of facebooking eyes and potential likes! If I could find some way for entrpreneurs and small/big business owners alike to come together and to collaborate to help each other out, it would be a win win situation for all! This is why my idea will be called collaborz.com, and will provide an intranet portal (think of match.com, eharmony.com, and craigslist, but laid out in a format similar to a clothing site such as asos.com) for goal-oriented people looking to form temporary strategic partnerships.

What is a temporary strategic partnership?

Strategic partnerships are very much like farmers markets, craft shows and flea markets. People with similar or starkly different trades/services come together and put on an event that showcases their individual skills while bringing attention to the other vendor’s skills/services! Coaches always say there’s no “I” in “team,” so why not team up with other people who are also trying to get noticed!? Marathons and athletic competitions that donate proceeds to a charity of choice are also great examples! Why else do you think that celebrities are hired to be spokesmodels, and why else would Yoplait team up with Susan G. Komen for the Cure? TEAMS = MORE VISIBILITY= $$$

What I envision for collaborz.com is that someone like Megan from the Detoxinista can think “hmm I think that it would be fun to put on a community event to raise awareness for healthy lifestyles, cleaner eating, and to help those who have made weight loss a resolution for 2012! It would be a great way to give back and to meet potential new clients!” By logging on to my site she will be able to create a refined search that will narrow down other entrepreneurs/businesses by location, budget, industries of interest, etc. and find Elise’s listing from  Hungry Hungry Hippie! Elise’s profile may note that she is a nurse who also enjoys a holistic, nutritious approach to eating and has an interest in community service. BAM! Megan can contact Elise and they can form a temporary strategic partnership to create a community health day! They may use collaborz.com even further by finding arts and crafts vendors and/or great health food vendors who listed themselves as a business willing to make donations! This intranet portal will be a very versatile and user-friendly way for professional people to connect. Linked in is good….but not great. Too many limitations and doesn’t effectively solve the issue of truly establishing relationships with people. That is what collaborz.com is about–find the people, establish the connection, and make magic happen.

What do you think about this idea? What are problems that you face when trying to grow your business and gain visibility? Would this be something you would find useful?

Healthy Korean Spicy Chicken (Dak Galbi) Recipe & SUCCESS with my NEW Diet!

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