Did I really just DELETE 11 posts by accident!? yes.

I’m new to blogging and wordpress, so it’s been an interesting past couple of months trying to play around with different widget settings, menus, categories, tags, and etc.

That being said, my “playing around” has now landed me in a horrible situation =(. In my attempt to rename my categories and then re-categorize my posts, I accidentally deleted about 11 of my past posts!! Now to those who have been blogging for a while and have quite an archive built up, 11 may seem like small pie to you. But for me, a poor, half frantic, half depressed blogging padawan who felt accomplished for even passing 10 is crushed to see that a measly 3 posts are left. And they aren’t even that great of posts =( =( sigh….

have you ever gotten that sinking feeling in your stomach that happens when you are close to finishing something typed on the computer, be it an essay, a long letter, or even a blog post that you spent countless time and energy on, only to have your computer crash? And you know that it’s gone, yet you pray and hope, and pray and hope that somehow pounding on the keyboard, and clicking the back button or the history tab that has no relevance to WordPress, it will all come back? yea i admit it, i’m pretty pitiful…

So I leave you with some quotes that describe my current emotions, compliments to Yoda. I hope to learn the ways of WordPress and blogging someday.

“In a dark place we find ourselves… a little more knowledge might light our way.”-Yoda

“Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering.”-Yoda

Yoda really hit the nail on the head with that second one^^ I hope the urge to blog happens again soon haha


One thought on “Did I really just DELETE 11 posts by accident!? yes.

  1. Please keep blogging! I would love to see more healthy recipes with an asian twist because I find a lot of asian food although very yummy is rather unhealthy (korean bbq, fried items in dimsum etc). I hope you find the urge to blog again soon too!

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